Pediatric Physical Therapy


Pediatric Physical Therapy in Green River Pediatric physical therapy is designed to help children, and even babies, with their physical therapy needs. This includes helping children with improving their range of motion, strength, flexibility, and movement patterns. The end goal will help children move their bodies when and how [...]

Fit for Duty


Fit For Duty in Green River Sometimes an employee's medical condition makes it unsafe to perform their job. A fit for duty exam determines if that employee is physically and psychologically able to safely perform their role. At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, we can provide a specialized exam to [...]

Custom Orthotics


Custom Orthotics in Green River Do you experience sore feet? As you age, much like the rest of your body, your feet will often change. From changes in the shape of your feet to the support of your ligaments, complications from previous injuries can cause serious strain and pain. [...]

Workers Comp


Workers Comp in Green River Injured workers are a lot like injured athletes; only the playing field is different. And like an athlete’s injury, doctors typically recommend physical therapy to treat a work injury. If you need physical therapy for a work injury, our Green River physical therapists are [...]

Sports Injury & Rehab


Sports Injury & Rehab in Green River Sports injury rehabilitation is a safe and therapeutic approach to help athletes effectively treat pain and achieve optimal performance in their everyday activities. Using sports injury rehabilitation, we can use targeted exercises to help you return to pre-injury function. This improves mobility [...]

Aquatic Therapy


Aquatic Therapy in Green River Aquatic Physical Therpay includes treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, health, wellness, and fitness of the patient/client population in an aquatic environment with or without the use of assistive, adaptive, orthotic, protective, or supportive devices and equipment.  Aquatic PT is designed to maintain or improve function; balance, [...]

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