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Pediatric Physical Therapy in Green River

Pediatric physical therapy is designed to help children, and even babies, with their physical therapy needs. This includes helping children with improving their range of motion, strength, flexibility, and movement patterns. The end goal will help children move their bodies when and how they want to the best of their abilities to explore their world.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Benefits:

  • Recovery from sports- and non-sports-related injuries
  • Developmental delays, such as a child who should be walking
  • Torticollis/Plagiocethaly
  • Genetic disorders, such as Down syndrome
  • Muscle weakness or imbalances
  • Poor coordination and/or motor planning – which is the ability to think of and carry out a motor act, such as writing with a pencil
  • Nerve/muscle conditions, such as cerebral palsy

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The caring nature of the staff at Peak Performance combined with gentle rehabilitation techniques allows you to better recover following injury, illness, or surgery.

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